Alabama can’t have two-party state because of … Democrats


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Texas: Democrats made gains in some down ballot races. Harris County government is dominated by democrats.

Georgia: The statewide races were close despite all of the problems on election day. Lucy McBath won Newt Gingrich's old seat. Another House race (GA 7) is very close with a GOP incumbent. The governor's race is not over yet.

Florida: The Senate and governor's races are not over yet either.

South Carolina: Joe Cunningham, a White democrat, defeated Katie Arrington, who is a Trump supporter and defeated former governor Mark Sanford in the primary.

Mississippi: Mike Espy is in the running for a Senate seat.

Alabama: It is more of the same. Republicans trounced the democrats.

From what I am hearing, Ohio is getting older, Whiter and more conservative. Some of my relatives have left, but Ohio is for another discussion.

He did not mince words. He did not pull any punches. I am sure he is looking at what happened in other southern states.


Alabama can’t have two-party state because of … Democrats
Updated Nov 7; Posted Nov 6
By John Archibald

This is an opinion column.

There were no surprises. Not in Alabama. Not statewide. Alabama’s Republican leadership held on to power with a kung fu grip. Democrats couldn’t gain an inch, much less a yard.

Like LSU. It wasn’t close.


This wasn’t a blue wave. It wasn’t a blue ripple. It was a just a wish. Despite social media fervor. Despite the resistance and serious challengers in all the major offices for the first time in a long time.

It was a bludgeoning. Will Ainsworth beat Will Boyd in a battle of Wills to become lieutenant governor, first in line to the gubernatorial throne. Attorney General Steve Marshall put Joe Siegelman away without drama. John Merrill stayed secretary of state. Jim Zeigler remains auditor.

And all the numbers – most of the numbers – look strikingly similar to those from 2016. Alabama is a bright red one-party state, except in pockets like Jefferson County and the sparsely populated Black Belt.