Alabama A&M vs Prairie View A&M Game Pics

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by TRU3000, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. TRU3000

    TRU3000 A&M #1

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  2. Fiyah

    Fiyah Administrator Staff Member

    I got to meet him at the game and introduced myself to him, told him how much I loved his photos.


    Look at me in the background taking a pic and my boy getting ready to make a tackle.

  3. TRU3000

    TRU3000 A&M #1

    yeah Mr. Jackson is a good man who loves to take photos....

    the athletes especially the football players love the guy and love displaying his work of them..

    he has become well known for his work on "The Hill" capturing memories
  4. pvdogteam

    pvdogteam Who ya rootin' for? PVU

    I saw that, it is a classic pic of you and mini me

    Dude is a ballhawk :clap:
  5. Fiyah

    Fiyah Administrator Staff Member

    He had 8 tackles in that game
  6. TRU3000

    TRU3000 A&M #1

    ..didn't realize that was your son Fiyah...

    good shot..I know you will probably frame that photo
  7. Fiyah

    Fiyah Administrator Staff Member

    Yep, he is a redshirt freshman.... that was his first start at corner.

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