AL/MS High School All star game

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by J C, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. J C

    J C Well-Known Member

    Watching the game. MS has superior talent. beating the crap out of AL. Pollard and Sword are the best players on the floor.
  2. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    Didn't see the game but this is probably the first year that some of the BEST players from Mississippi actually played in this game. The best players usually opt-out of this game.


    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    Alabama won 109 to 104..... Mississippi couldnt stop Sword from Carver Montgomery (Mississippi State signee)... He scored 36
  4. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    I don't know what Ms. State keeps offering these kids but they have had enough talent to come through that place in the last 2 decades to have at least 3 or 4 final 4 runs. The last 10 years have been coaching.

    Mississippi States basketball coach "resigned" last week. Resigned meaning "we gonna fire your azz if you don't step down." Pollard's choices have come down to Mississippi State and Kentucky. It will be interesting to see who they hire. Getting talent won't be hard for whoever they hire up there.
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  5. SUJagFan

    SUJagFan Well-Known Member

    Stansbury is a good recruiter. Just couldn't coach. He wasted a ridiculous amount of talent at State over the past few years.

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