Agent orange makes HISTORY - impeached twice!

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He goes DOWN in history!

The FIRST president to be impeached twice!


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So, Giuliani is getting the *rump treatment..............LOL


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Tbh this is a bad idea. Mitch knows EXACTLY what he is doing. Privately he may want trump out, but publicly he has not said anything. The DEMS do not have the votes in the Senate.

The Republicans will drag this out to then turn around and tell the American people the Dems don't care about Covid or the economy.. DEMS just be smart let Biden and this administration focus on a grassroots effort to get this vaccine out to the American people and improve this economy. DEMS with the Lincoln project can ALWAYS saw videos of the capital and make their case then. I know the DEMS think they have a bone, but if this covid problem does not improve and the economy does not improve the American people will not care about TRUMP. It will be much easier for Trump and or the Republicans to talk about the short falls of this DEM CONGRESS