Adamsville PD: Man arrested for death of Adamsville woman


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Sad situation. May God bless those kids. Adults should always put their selfishness aside for the kids. One thing I respect the older generation for is they sacrificed their happiness for family. We as black people have lost that. If many of us realized how to use older family members men and women put their pride aside and raised families putting bull shyt aside we would be better. The problem is we started telling our kids lies about the good old days which we lied about. The good old days were scarifice days. Fuk pride. I'm going to put it like this. I was watching Chuck Berry special on PBS last night. They talked about his like for young side chicks. They asked his wife why she stayed. She said in those days you were raised family first. Fuk your pride. You made sure family was first and you swallowed your pride and made sure the family survived. This is what we have lost. Now it's all about me, me, me. What have that gotten you? Nothing but heart ache and pain.