ACLU, Tofurky ask for an injunction on Arkansas’s anti-veggie burger law

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An interesting fight to follow - Its odd that these same people dont want you to know about GMO meat or fish!

ACLU, Tofurky ask for an injunction on Arkansas’s anti-veggie burger law

A new law in Arkansas bans grocery stores from calling veggie burgers “veggie burgers” and calling soy milk “soy milk.”

The justification? That consumers might get confused about whether veggie burgers are made of beef and whether soy milk comes from cows.

That does not impress opponents of the law, who sued last month, arguing that the vague, expansive restrictions Arkansas put in place are an unconstitutional burden on free speech. Many legal experts say that they’re likely to win their case — but such cases can take a long time to wind their way through the courts.

For that reason, on Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Good Food Institute, and the Animal Legal Defense Fund asked the court to stop enforcement of the law while the constitutional questions are still being considered. In an 18-page brief, they argue that the “veggie burger” law is almost definitely going to be found unconstitutional once the court reviews the full case, and that its enforcement in the meantime poses confusing, expansive, unworkable requirements on sellers of veggie products in Arkansas.

So, they argue, the court should halt the new law in its tracks — letting Tofurky and other companies keep their products on the shelves while the full case is considered.