AAMU 2013 football schedule

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    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    who said you couldn't play 12 games without an open week?


    NORMAL – The Alabama A&M Bulldogs has released their proposed 2013 football schedule.

    Head coach Anthony Jones 12th season will include non-conference contests versus Tuskegee University, South Carolina State and Georgia Tech University.

    Bulldog fans will have the opportunity to see the 103rd edition of football on “The Hill†five times in Louis Crews stadium.

    The Maroon & White football teams’ game with Georgia Tech will be the second year in a row against a Bowl Championship Subdivision opponent.
    Future BCS opponents will include the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2014 and the University of Cincinnati in 2015.

    "The opportunity to compete against top competition, BCS schools, not only provides more exposure to Alabama A&M University, the football program, and Alabama A&M Athletics, but it’s vital to our growth as a Division I athletics program,†Director of Athletics Bryan Hicks mentioned.

    A&M will travel to Grambling, LA on Aug. 31st for their earliest meeting with the Tigers. They will return home on September 7th for their first home game of 2013 welcoming in-state rival Tuskegee University.

    Two straight trips on the road will see AAMU in Orangeburg, South Carolina on Sept. 14th and Prairie View, Texas on Sept. 21st. They then return home for two dates on Sept. 28th versus Texas Southern then Homecoming versus Mississippi Valley on Oct. 5th.

    The state of Louisiana awaits one more visit from the Bulldogs as they travel to Baton Rouge, LA on Oct. 12th.

    The 72nd annual Magic City Classic falls on Oct. 26th then A&M will venture to the reservation on Nov. 2nd for a date with Alcorn State. The final two home games will be played on Nov. 9th vs. Jackson State and Nov. 16th versus the 2012 SWAC football champions Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

    The final game of the regular season will see the Bulldogs in Atlanta, Georgia for another historic meeting this time versus the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech on Nov. 23rd.

    “As always we feel it is a tough schedule as our three non-conference games include opponents who have competed for championship,†said coach Jones. “A schedule like this will give our student-athletes a chance to compete against the best competition in the country.â€

    2013 Football Schedule

    August 31st - AWAY vs. Grambling University

    September 7th - HOME vs. Tuskegee

    September 14th- AWAY vs. South Carolina State University

    September 21st - AWAY vs. Prairie View A&M University

    September 28th - HOME vs. Texas Southern University

    October 5th - HOME vs. Mississippi Valley State University

    October 12th - AWAY vs. Southern University

    October 19th - OPEN

    October 26th - AWAY vs. Alabama State University (MCC)

    November 2nd- AWAY vs. Alcorn State University

    November 9th - HOME vs. Jackson State University

    November 16th - HOME vs. University of Arkansas Pine Bluff

    November 23rd - Away vs. Georgia Tech

  2. CEE DOG

    CEE DOG Well-Known Member

    Looks like I will be attend at least 8 of those games.

    Future BCS opponents will include the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2014 and the University of Cincinnati in 2015.

    Smart moves.
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  3. tsutiger

    tsutiger Active Member

    Nice. I miss playing AAMU. We need to get that home and home going again.
  4. CEE DOG

    CEE DOG Well-Known Member

    I agree.
  5. JROCK

    JROCK Preeminent

    That's a 6-6 schedule if I've ever seen one.
  6. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Nice schedule.

    Only downer is playing Ga Tech last game. If AAMU wins the SWAC East, you got a decision to make. Go all out against FBS Ga Tech and risk injury before you play the SCG or play it safe.
    Otherwise this is a solid and I mean solid schedule.
  7. JROCK

    JROCK Preeminent

    The GA Tech game is going to be a route no matter how hard they play. That offense is too complex for AAMU defense to stop with a week preparation.
  8. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    I understand. I was meaning not getting your players all messed up if they make the SCG. LOL. I wouldn't want to play a FBS team that late in the season. They will be hitting on all cylinders by then.

    I like their opponents on the schedule. Just not that order. It would have been better for them if they played Ga Tech earlier in the year. But I am sure that is the only date that Ga Tech had that would work. Just a tough stretch at the end of the year is all.

    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    We had more players hurt against Tuskegee than we did against Auburn.... football is a contact sport.. you can easily get hurt on any play no matter who the competition is.
  10. Panther88

    Panther88 Banned

    Hella' nice schedule. :tup: Damn it's competitive OOC. :what:
  11. JROCK

    JROCK Preeminent

    I believe Grambling and AAMU followed S.U.'s lead and developed excellent schedules. If S.U. can just lead those other 7 schools they would be better for it.
  12. Olde Hornet

    Olde Hornet Well-Known Member

    Nice schedule.
  13. enswaclopedia

    enswaclopedia New Member

    I think we will ignore your actions. We all see where you led Grambling last year. They are now loosers just like you.
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  14. JROCK

    JROCK Preeminent

    You must read in the Alabama language. :lol: :emlaugh: This years schedule has nothing to do with last.
  15. Oracle

    Oracle Well-Known Member

    TSU should not have dropped us when we started beating it. Apparently, we have moved on with the occ games. There doesn't appear to be any room for TSU in the next couple of years.
  16. Dog81

    Dog81 Well-Known Member

    JRock, Jones signed a one year contract. This is a suicide schedule..............6-6.......will not get him another contract. I can see Cee doing this right now :banana:
  17. Nonchalant

    Nonchalant Hail, Hail To Thee...

    I will be driving from Charlotte for the SCSU game with my girl who is an AAMU alum. :tup:
  18. JROCK

    JROCK Preeminent

    Wow, didn't realize that.
  19. TRU3000

    TRU3000 A&M #1

    good 2013 schedule

    I have been waiting for us to play UAB.

    the Cincy game in 2015 is a good move too considering its not that far just up the road
  20. skbeeasy

    skbeeasy Active Member

    easy here,

    It's a money game......Regardless.....go all out........Only God can tell on that one.......
  21. JSUDMJ2004

    JSUDMJ2004 JSU enuff said!

    How when they are playing a D2 Tuskegee a team they have dominated, a average SC State and a Ga Tech a team that will dominate them? either way its still better than JSU schedule...

    I think SU has the best schedule so far...
  22. DAHILL

    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    black folks....
  23. CEE DOG

    CEE DOG Well-Known Member

    So you think playing Clark Atlanta is more competitive then TU? :confused: You also think SU will not get dominated by Houston? :confused: Sc St in the last 10 years have been way more competitive than JSU.
  24. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    Hold up, SU is playing Clark?
  25. CEE DOG

    CEE DOG Well-Known Member

    Yes, that Clark. No knock from me though. I like Clark. Gotta represent the home town.

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