A Prayer of Good Health for the 2019-2020 Athletic season!


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"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well." (3 John 2)

Dear God,

I come to you on behalf of the Brothers and Sisters of this forum, acknowledging you as our creator and sustainer of all things. You are indeed everything and without you we are nothing. Thank you for life, health, and strength. Thank you for our families, children, jobs, homes, and all the other things on this earth that you have entrusted us with. I am especially thankful for the founder of this forum and all participants be it Admins, Moderators, or everyday posters.

This week, as we enter a new athletic year that starts with the football season, I lift up specifically the health of each and every athlete for each school represented. We understand that in athletic competition, athletes will often push their bodies beyond limits making way for possible injuries. I speak physical covering for each athlete. May they continue to do what is necessary in training to stay healthy and injury free. If indeed an unfortunate circumstance happens in which someone is hurt, I claim healing and recovering through prescribed medicines and rehabilitation.

We also know that while athletic competition is all about sportsmanship, at times it can take its mental toll on athletes and fans. I speak that after the last quarter, minutes, seconds, have been played, after the friendly and competitive love often displayed through humor has been shown, respect among each institutions will remain and the athletes themselves will remain focused on the main reason they have the opportunity to attend college which is to further their education.

In everything, I speak that our institutions will represent well be it in conference and out of conference. May this be a record year for attendance and giving at all institutions. May the spirit of competition displayed at all athletic events continue to confirm the unique dynamics and relevance of HBCUs in this day and age.

I also speak that in the wake of mass shootings that continue to go on in this country and around the world, security and all participants stay alert and woke of any impending danger and will be able to tactfully do whatever is necessary for protection to eliminate any threats or danger to the well being of themselves and others in attendance.

Finally, through all of the school spirit displayed in rival games, classics, homecomings, band performances, and so on, may someone or anyone feel your love and may they have the desire to get to know you and your word with more of a desire to live a God inspired life.

This is my prayer in Jesus name, amen.
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