A Prayer for College Administrators, Instructors and Coaches: 2019-2020


Our Father, Our God!

Lord I come to you, at this hour, with as humble an heart as I know how. Father, if I may, before I go any farther, I want to first ask for your forgiveness because as surely as you have blessed and allowed me your God breathe air I know I have fallen short right before your very eyes in some way by word, thought or deed. I ask for your forgiveness Father, and ask that you continue to love not just me but all of your creation that fall short daily. Oh Father, create in all of us a clean heart and renew a righteous spirit within us all.

Father, if I may be permitted to pray onward, I come to you not just for supplication and repentance, but also as an intercessor for many that will be affected by the forthcoming collegiate academic and athletic calendar.

Father you are all-knowing, thus you are divinely aware what words I will speak before I do, so I humbly lean and trust on you Lord to direct my path with this prayer. Lord let your Holy Spirit have its way with this prayer I send up to you for all leaders you have installed with decision making capacity and authority over all institutions of higher learning in the land. Father, by name of job title, bless all Board Members, Chancellors, Presidents, Athletic Directors, Deans, Chairs, Instructors and Coaches to make their decisions under the advisement of your Godly counsel. Father, I humbly ask that you have the Holy Spirit remind them to begin each day with prayer and never forget to give you the glory! Father, I humbly ask that you have the Holy Spirit remind them at every turn that the decisions they make must be for the greater good as you would see fit and not as they or mankind would see fit. Father, in the fullness of your time, I humbly ask that you have the Holy Spirit to constantly remind all you have assigned with such authority that their task is one that carries with it an awesome responsibility that is to be carried out with the utmost honor, integrity and spirit of righteousness. Let it be imputed in them, Oh Lord, with a permanency of understanding that the decisions they make affect many not just in the present, but for generations untold in manifold ways. With all that has been petitioned for, I say and I pray help them Lord, and help them lead only in a way you would be well pleased with.

Heavenly Father, this humble and Holy Spirit inspired prayer I send up to you with full faith and blessed assurance that my petition made unto you has been heard and answered in the name of your only begotten Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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