A passenger who launched into a homophobic and racist rant on an American flight got fired after boasting about where he worked

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  • GSK fired an employee who said he worked for the company during a racist, homophobic rant.
  • The man was removed for acting inappropriately toward a passenger, a person filming the video said.
  • He then began swearing at the passengers before boasting about his job as a chemical engineer.
GlaxoSmithKline fired an employee who flew into a racist and homophobic rant on an American Airlines flight after he boasted to passengers that he worked for the pharmaceuticals company.

A video, posted on the subreddit r/americanairlines by someone who said they were a passenger on the Philadelphia to Dallas flight, shows the man walking up and down the plane shouting expletives while looking for his bag.

The man, who said he was "a little intoxicated", became agitated when he was asked to leave the plane for acting inappropriately towards the woman in the seat next to him, the person who posted the video said.