A mockery of Black History month….Should they be fired?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by MZTHANG601, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    I hurried up and scrolled down to see your post....:lmao: I agree CEE...I'm not surprised by this one iota...pretty typical, if you ask me. And YES, they should be fired.
  2. MACKG


    I agree it was poor judgement. I don't think they should be fired. "we" have done and said a lot about "them" also. They should be disciplined.

    But "we" also need to hold "our" high profile citizens to higher standards so "this" wouldn't happen as much.

  3. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    :emlaugh: :tup: :nod:

    I hear ya, and I concur luvdaboom...you and Cee are my favorite posters. I swear y'all two keep me entertained all day.
  4. SUtrp96


    WTH can "our" high profile citizens do about a group of Racist being RACIST?

    Help me understand that one....

    True we need to eliminate that negative image of our people off of tv and radios..... But that's not all blacks.. and it is enough High Profile blacks in the public eye for those white folk to know better than that..
  5. southsuburbs

    southsuburbs What I Live By...

    Who are "our high profile citizens"?!?! :lol:

    And of the ones you list for me...if we were told hold them to much higher standards...how can they prevent this from happening again? Are they walking around in drag like RuPaul?!

  6. luvdaboom

    luvdaboom Banned


    we have a black president, how much higher can we get?? these mufuggas are racist it aint shit "WE" can do to change these mufuggas mind about black folks. and we say alot about them but we aint in school teaching kids lawd yall give white folks a pass to anything
  7. MACKG


    We need to stop worrying about what "they" feel about us. So what they call us a name...they've been calling us names for years...grow a thick skin and get the fukk over it.

    But we need to stop supporting and encouraging all of this ignorant azz behavior from people of our own race. How the hell can we get respect when we encourage, laugh at, buy, support their bullshat reality shows, and tolerate these "CLOWNS" That's what I'm talking about.

  8. MACKG


    Seems like we hear more about who Keyshia Cole's baby daddy is than the latest policy Obama is trying to enforce. These children out here are highly influenced by the bullshat. My best friend is teaching a bunch of high schoolers now. Ask them if they care more about Frankie or Obama and you'll be shocked at the answer. Come down off of your high chair and realize what the fukk is really going on in these communities.

  9. MACKG


    So who does Jenkins want our kids to glorify? And how do we prevent these other "folk" from being glorified? What's his plan? Fire every person that points out the less glorified people of our race per the NAACP? They're all African-Americans. Does that make someone racist if they throw them up in an African-American parade?

    okay this is the question: what is the problem with the three portaits that the teachers selected. maybe that's the root of the issue....
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  10. luvdaboom

    luvdaboom Banned

    umm who's on a high horse?? and why aint your friend teaching more about all of the African Americans success stories about out there. In this case these teachers chose to portray 3 clowns instead of Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Marting Luther King, Denzel Washington, Muhammed Ali and so on. SMH at the fact that you dont get it. These people are racist period. They knew what the fukk they were doing and had plenty of people to list. Instead you worrying about some bad apples that black people have like white, hispanic, asian people dont have fools always in the media. Sad man
  11. Kendrick

    Kendrick The conscious Hulk Hogan Staff Member

    On what news station do you find updates about Keyshia Cole's baby daddy? (Daniel Gibson is the father. He plays for the Cavs, and the only reason I know that is because I heard it during a broadcast in a basketball game involving him).

    I hate we people go the extreme to prove an empty point. You want to know why some kids care about Frankie (who I don't have the slightest idea of his background) than President Obama is because there is a systematic failure in those communities that's why. No, we all screwed up. I am not just going to blame one segment of the populous here. If Frankie or Lil' Wayne is more respected than the president, then we all dropped the ball here. We allowed them to be influenced.

    As far as this subject of the thread, it is sad that teachers would stoop to such levels, but I have never underestimated the stupidity of the American public for one second. Those cats should be suspended or removed or whatever. Just bad.
  12. southsuburbs

    southsuburbs What I Live By...

    I thought Keyshia Cole's baby daddy was Jeezy!!! If it is Daniel then that's good...boo to Jeezy! LOL

    And who is this Frankie person y'all keep talking about? Keyshia Cole's momma?
  13. SUtrp96


    First of all you are ASSuming that I support that BS....

    Secondly, I was born in the 70's so I know what they BEEN doing.... I fought a WT for calling me a N*** after I dared him to call me that again back in the early 80's...

    Yes we need to see that our image is shown in a better light.. but you don't come at US with that shyt... Holla at your local RADIO stations and BET with that shyt...

    Getting over a PARTY on a COLLEGE campus where White boys came to the party with the faces painted BLACK and acting like azz holes and White girls showing up at the party looking pregnant and acting loud is something I personally feel needs to have reprecautions...

    And from reading the ARTICLE there were... :tup:

    But they had the HEART and MIND to do that shyt cause it is a BUNCH of folk the same skin tone as me that are ALWAYS giving them MOFOS a FN pass!!

    Just here at my job RIGHT after MJ passed away and white man here forgot he left some BS in the printer... Which had a picture of to white kids hiding in underneath the sink with the caption reading...

    "Don't worry Michael Jackson is dead he can't hurt you no more"...

    I ain't giving these ignant racist WTs no pass just because they doing and acting the way they were taught by their FN parents... man please...
  14. SUtrp96


    The people will only listen to what the TV and RADIO stations feed them...

    TV and RADIO are NOT forced by people to show/broadcast what they do...

    Frankie is a (female not male) she is also my 3rd cousin....and crazy as hell....lol
  15. Kendrick

    Kendrick The conscious Hulk Hogan Staff Member

    Oh, well that's good. I also have a cousin who is in the entertainment world. But I don't know if she is crazy though.
  16. Panther88

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    :emlaugh: :bawling: :emlaugh:

    :bowdown: Good job M-G! :tup: lol
  17. Panther88

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  18. luvdaboom

    luvdaboom Banned

    Perez Hilton, Britney Spears, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Ozzy Osbourne all act a fool in public and do and say some of the dumbest shit ever but you never hear white folks telling them they need to stop acting stupid; all they are doing is getting rich; yes there are some black people who do stupid shit but i guess that represents all black people; damn the fact they got good black people who do good and act like they got sense.

    Like I said every race got clowns and fools except when it comes to black folks. Clowns and fools represent us all. Rupaul and Dennis Rodman represents us all.

  19. CEE DOG

    CEE DOG Well-Known Member

    Man yall can call Tyler Perry plays, movies and other stuff stupid all you wanna, but those millions and getting ready to be billions dollars soon say other wise.
  20. O'Bladerunner

    O'Bladerunner And Down!

    What Im tripp'n on is, how could 3 white guys think this was a good idea at a school that was 90% Latino? What were they really trying to accomplish in that kind of environment?

    Man, that's lower than bottom feeding humor and/or being racist. That's just downright stupid.
  21. skyvolt2000

    skyvolt2000 Well-Known Member

    They knew what they were doing.

    What the issue with our kids is that they don't want to read or hear about them.

    They don't want to hear about the reformed drug dealer that now owns his own business in the community. They don't want to hear about the folks that made half the stuff we use today. They don't want to know that the movie, comic, book or tv show they are watching/reading was done by us-even if it doesn't feature us in the roles. And the MAIN folks telling not to care are their parents and communties.

    All they want to hear is about who clowns the most and acts an azz. Because those are folks that keep getting "rewarded" for thier actions. I don't want to see the Michael Vick Show and him "behave" for the camera. Same with TI, Weezy and the rest. Tell me about these guys BEFORE they got in legal trouble. I want to hear about Weezy's community work not his love for cough sryup and baby making.

    It's time for us to education our own kids. You showcase Soulja Boy to my kid at school but in my house I'll showcase Lupe and whoever else to counter that mess. But that doesn't sound right to most folks.

    Other races don't worry about Paris Hilton because they can counter with Jennifer Love Hewitt and others that thier kids will know. We give free passes because we don't speak out and explain to our kids why those actions and wrong. It's always racism this and that.

    Doing OJ was WRONG.
    Rodman-I'm sure these clowns showcased his c**nery but what about his construction company in Dallas? His movie roles? His toylines? His books? HIs stuff for PETA? Opensports? His charity work?
  22. skyvolt2000

    skyvolt2000 Well-Known Member

    Because they thought they could get away with it. That is how they do it. Because would most of those kids know who those guys are? Maybe Dennis Rodman and in that state probably OJ Simpson. Rupaul??? He is just now coming back out with that anti Top Model show.
  23. luvdaboom

    luvdaboom Banned

    Dude we have plenty of black people who are doing well for themselves but yall dont speak up for it. I read your threads and you never speak on the good students you have always the trouble makers. whassup with that? yall are missing the point. The point is these 3 white dudes chose 3 clowns outta all the successful educated black people there are in the world and yall excuse it bc there are some black people that clown like we the only race of people that act a damn fool, drug dealers, weed smokers, women beaters and so on. THE PRESIDENT IS BLACK DAMMIT!!
  24. Panther88

    Panther88 Banned

    I don't think anyone here is excusing those folx bahavior (choices), luvdaboom. I think all are in agreeance that the act was one in very, very poor taste and horrible judgement by an educator who is supposed to lead and nourish, not use as a pawn for some underhanded personal vandetta. I'm not certain if their actions were malicious enough to warrant any criminal violations but they certainly violated the moral and social expectations for someone in their position.

    I'm sure Jesse and Al are on their way to get in front of the numerous cameras and play "National Negro Speaker" lol for those so inclined to place them in that role w/ regards to their own life. lol

    I hope the school district deals w/ the perps swiftly and effectively. :read: THAT type of behavior, from ALL sides, is totally unacceptable.
  25. CriTAUcal

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