A Different World Reunion pics!!!!

Discussion in 'The Media Room' started by SONNY, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. SONNY

    SONNY The Future of Omega!!!!

  2. jag4life

    jag4life Well-Known Member

    Debbie Allen looks younger that all the women except Jullisa!

  3. pv_symbiotic

    pv_symbiotic Ghetto Bourgeois

    Where was the reunion held at? It was nice seeing the orignal case. I don't remember Tracey Ross being on the show. When was this?
  4. JagGrad

    JagGrad Well-Known Member

    thats not Tracey Ross.......But they do look alike
  5. Dr. Sweet NUPE

    Dr. Sweet NUPE New Member

    Man that ain't Tracey Ross...that's ole girl....
  6. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    U shole right...I was just saying that to kellis, on the phone. :D
  7. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    That's Cree Summers. She played Freddie Brooks. :)
  8. Dr. Phreeze

    Dr. Phreeze It is I...Yes it is...

    Whatever happened to Marissa Tome (sp)? Ya'll know who I'm talking about.
  9. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    I thought that was Tracey too...:lol:
  10. Dr. Sweet NUPE

    Dr. Sweet NUPE New Member

    I was just about to ask.
  11. JagGrad

    JagGrad Well-Known Member

    Debbie Allen and Sinbad....the 2 older folks on the show.....looks the youngest........Jasmine Guy......Damn are u 65...:xeye:
  12. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    She went on to the big screen. She even won an Oscar! :tup:
  13. Dr. Phreeze

    Dr. Phreeze It is I...Yes it is...

    What happened to Kim, Mr. Gaines, Dr. War?
  14. cat daddy

    cat daddy Active Member

    Where's the dark skinned girl? I think her name was Kim on the show???

    The first time I saw the pics I also thought that was Tracey Ross. I was thinking, when was she on the show???
  15. SLT

    SLT Active Member


    I had to ask my best friend who that was when she sent me the pics. :lol:

    She reminded me it was Cree Summers/Freddie Brooks. :D
  16. Shamocha

    Shamocha Deserving Of Everything

    I got those in an email the other day. The women didn't age too well.
  17. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    Black don't crack.....if you get my drift. :eek:
  18. pv_symbiotic

    pv_symbiotic Ghetto Bourgeois

    DAMN your right. something Cree or Cree Summer.
  19. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    girl, we ARE too much alike...I feel ya. A lot of those women are mixed w/white, ya know. :lol:
  20. MACKG


    Cree Summer looks smoked out. Lisa Bonet looks...
  21. jagface

    jagface New Member

    I used to LOVE Lisa Bonet.

    Last time I saw "Kim Reese" was on an episode of Martin. She played an aerobics instructor.
  22. Dr. Sweet NUPE

    Dr. Sweet NUPE New Member

    Lisa Bonet is 39
    Jasmine Guy is 42
    Kadeem is 41
    Dawn Lewis is 45
    Darryl Bell is 43
    Cree Summer is 37
    Sinbad 50
    Debbie Allen 56
  23. LadyJag

    LadyJag Well-Known Member

    The close ups of Jasmine and Lisa are NOT flattering.
  24. Dr. Sweet NUPE

    Dr. Sweet NUPE New Member

    Yall say what ya want to about Jasmine Guy...I'll take her as is!!!!:lmao: :sperm:
  25. Jax

    Jax Equal Opportunity Asshole!

    :eek: The three youngest cast members on there look the oldest!!! :eek:

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