A ‘flesh eating’ STI causing 'beefy red' sores is becoming more common. Should Americans worry?

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A flesh-eating sexually transmitted infection that causes "beefy red" ulcers is becoming more prevalent in the United Kingdom, a new report out Friday revealed.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the STI, donovanosis, is most common in parts of India, Papua New Guinea, central Australia and the Caribbean and southern Africa.

But research in the UK suggests that donovanosis has been steadily growing in cases since 2016. While the numbers are nowhere near the prevalence of other STIs – only 30 cases occurred in the UK in 2019, per public health records – the potential for more infections in the past two years (that data is not released yet) poses concern for more spreading, especially since it was even rarer to be found in the UK prior to five years ago.

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