20DALLAS04 Update: - Please Read

Kenn Rashad

Person In Charge
Staff member

The 20DALLAS04 Committee is really committed to making sure your trip to Dallas for the reunion is an enjoyable one. However, based on the number of people who have paid thus far, there are some issues that we are likely to face if not resolved quickly.

The private room that we have reserved at Dave and Busters requires that we have a deposit made by May 11th for half of the food cost (25 people). To reserve that room we must have at least 50 people. As of 4/23/2004 only 2 people have sent a payment. WE ARE IN JEPORDY OF LOSING THE ROOM IF WE DON?T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY THEM. If you know you are coming, we ask that you please make your payment TODAY (preferably online). Not only would you be doing us a favor, but you do yourself a favor by saving money ? avoiding the late registration fee of $65.00.

Please help us help your. Make your payment today. Do not wait til the last minute

Kenn Rashad