2021 SWAC football championship press conference - Prairie View/Jackson State


Who ya rootin' for? PVU
Coach Sanders talks as if the title has already been won.
You mean it hasn't? PV is going to play the role of the Washington Generals to the Sanders Globetrotters, won't be pretty and he knows that. He also said they going to rough up Pass and he better be prepared to get hit, a lot


Deeeeep In The Delta.....
The SCG usually beats the G5 championship games easily but this year it could touch 50K in Jackson

(Right now it's a 30%-40% chance of rain (no storms))


Deeeeep In The Delta.....
It feels like that SDN digital answer he gave was talking to me lol

I believe he will make it happen but I wanna see it


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Great words from coach Prime in regards to coach Dancy. Phenomenal job fellow alum and congrats COTY 😆 🤣
This was the first time I listened to an interview from Coach Sanders and it was a great interview. I sent it to some family.

But him talking about his son not getting first is laughable. That damn Glass kid was on another level.


PV coach is heading to SU so he's gonna make a statement on his way out.......
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