2018-2019 band size / first performance videos


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im ready for some good shows. 2017 shows were pretty from SU,GSU,JSU,UAPB TNSTATE,TXSU,PVU,AAMU,NORFOLK,MBC,NCAT just ready for something new i guess something unexpected from someone.​


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They had far more volume last year they dont sound bad but they sound like this inside they wont hsve no sound out. But they dont look or sound bad


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So far ...

SU and JSU looks strong as always, no surprise there.

Grambling seems like they may be more entertaining this year and finally bring that power and soul missing for so many years.

PV may put in some work. They always sounded good enough but their book be trash. But I their song selection yesterday was improvement.

Texas Southern looks bigger but I want the sound to be a little bit more consistent and balanced which can happen as the season progresses. We still trying to get the crabs caught up. And if the song selection be fire like it been some years previous ... it's a wrap!