2003 Award Winners

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    Listed below are the winners of the 2003 TSPN Awards as voted on by you, the members of TSPN. <br>

    <br /><b>
    Favorite Sports Poster</b>


    <b>Favorite Band Board poster</b>


    <b>Favorite Small Talk Poster - Male</b>


    <b>Favorite Small Talk Poster - Female <color=red>TIE</color></b>

    D-Town, JSTUS

    <b>Favorite SmackBoard Poster</b>

    Makaho Bedrock

    <b>Weakest Smacker of the Year - <color=red>TIE</color></b>

    Bluedog, BlacknBengal

    <b>Newcomer of the Year - Small Talk Board</b>


    <b>Newcomer of the Year - Smack Board </b>


    <b>Most Creative Poster - <colr=red>TIE</color></b>

    Makaho Bedrock, MightyDog

    <b>Moderator of the Year</b>


    <b>Band Board Thread of the Year*</b>

    JSU Sad News by 1995mobb

    <b>Smack Board Thread of the Year*</b>

    Picture Smack-Football Season 2002 by Machivelli

    <b>Small Talk Thread of the Year* </b>

    Kicked Off My Hard Bros List-Suge

    <b>Best Rivalry - Individuals(any forums)</b>

    Get Ready vs. Mighty Hornet

    <b>Best Rivalry - Group (any forums)</b>


    <b>Smacking Organization of the Year </b>

    JSU Mafia

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