11 Soup Recipes Perfect for Freezing and Hoarding

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“Green” gumbo (gumbo z’herbes)​

hearty soup in a bowl

Traditionally, there’s no meat in this gumbo, but you can use meat stock if you want. Thomas Payne

A traditional dish for Louisiana’s Catholics during Lent, this meatless gumbo recipe serves 10 to 12 people. The ingredients are fairly standard, combining yellow onions, celery, a green bell pepper, and garlic with a sizeable amount of whatever leafy greens you have on hand. It’s one of Saveur food editor Kat Craddock’s favorites, and although it’s usually vegetable-only, she sometimes likes to sneak in a little andouille sausage or a smoked turkey leg.

Spring pea soup with leeks and herbs​

hearty soup in a bowl