1. M

    MVSU Q-A with Fowler

    Chris Fowler Jr. stood out to me a lot when watching him take on UND this past week. So I caught up with him for a Q-A on why he choose Valley, his major, how his game has grown, and more. Feedback appreciated! Looking forward to seeing how MVSU builds on last week against Jacksonville State...
  2. TvSportsGuy21

    The story of Willie "Satellite" Totten

    Willie Totten was the conductor of MVSU's "Satellite Express" & no one could stop them! Hear Totten talk about the origin of the dynamic offense that was ahead of its time, and how it changed his life. Let me know what did y'all think about the Satellite Express (an offense that was before its...
  3. In_The_662

    Throwback footage of Fall 98 Phi Beta Sigma Probate from MVSU

    Don't know how they got a hold of this footage (it was only posted in Valley groups and our chapter group on Facebook) but it's a good look for Valley that they did
  4. In_The_662

    MVSU 2016-2017 Basketball Schedule (Men)

  5. In_The_662

    MVSU Signing Class of 2016

    All the guys who signed today haven't been added to the MVSU Sports site yet so I'll post all the names when they become available