1. Brave

    NCAT vs Alcorn 5th quarter

    Very good showing from both bands Of course I'm giving the nod to SOD View:
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    Alcorn Sounds of Dynomite 2018

    Great track from Dr. Ev Martin
  3. Brave

    Alcorn State picked to represent SWAC in 2017 A pretty interesting article. I have a very similar view point.
  4. Brave

    SWAC honors Alcorn State Legendary Coach Dave Whitney

    much respect to The Wiz and all he's done for Alcorn, the SWAC and all HBCUs not to mention that undefeated regular season that has gone down in the record books. ;)
  5. Brave

    Alcorn State's Horne Top Candidate for ULM AD Good look for Horne & Alcorn, wish him success
  6. Brave

    Thoughts on the Alcorn BCU "Battle by the Beach" game Must admit I'm not to familiar with the schemes BCU runs on both sides of the ball or their typical philosophy. I can't really gauge this game for the Braves because I don't know the opponent enough. I know Grambling has played them recently...
  7. Brave

    Purple Reign - Influential Alcorn

    It's high time to acknowledge the benefits of having a successful Alcorn at the helm of the SWAC. Since 2012 things have been different in the lands of Lorman. Most Alcornites felt the change in the air during the culmination of the 2012 season. I can honestly say the 2012 Soul Bowl marked the...
  8. Brave

    Alcorn State to build largest HBCU stadium owned Video Scoreboard
  9. Brave

    Alcorn Braves Iced Out

    A good look at the rings
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    Alcorn State aka DBU

    Best Secondary in the SWAC
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    Alcorn State Back2Back champs open Spring Practice under McNair
  12. Brave

    Alcorn to host NASCAR Combine
  13. Brave

    Historic accounts of the First Ever SWAC (HBCU) 5th Quarter

    According to legend a SU bus was late, referees didn't allow for much play in a highly contested game. Thus when the directors exchanged pleasantries around halftime Dr. Greggs (SU) and Mr. Samuel Griffin (Alcorn) decided that after the game was the best time to battle. The game ended and the...
  14. Brave says Alcorn it's time for McNair
  15. Brave

    Bring It- Alcorn Sounds of Dynomite with Lifetime's TV show Dancing Dolls

    SOD will appear on the Lifetime show with the Bring it Dancing Dolls January 22nd Friday 7-8pm check'm out