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  1. Brave

    Medgar and Myrlie Evers love story began at Alcorn State

    MSNBC Joy Reid's book details the love that awakened America Alcorn's 2 Civil Rights icons Medgar and Myrlie Evers. I have my copy and I'm about to delve into it now. View:
  2. Brave

    Alcorn vs USM a rivalry

    It's a lot going on with this game right now. Parties are lined up all over the city, Hotels are sold out and apparently USM is calling Alcorn their in state rival. I don't know where all this smoke came from but it's definitely here now. View...
  3. Brave

    Hiram Revels founder of Alcorn State

    Hiram Revels, builder of the public HBCU higher education, land grant system. View:
  4. Brave

    Alcorn State 2021 edition SOD & Golden Girls performance with Migos

    ESPN College GameDay performance - #Straightenin
  5. Brave

    Alcorn State 2020-2021

    Hey Alcorn fellow SWAC members and HBCU bands alike, you can check out The Sounds and some of your favorite tunes on our new website visit enjoy and share
  6. Brave

    Steve McNair the 1st Black Franchise QB

    I've always thought this about McNair given the gravity of his draft position and hype coming out of college, just didn't know how to really explain what he accomplished. IMO this is why he should be a HOF for the NFL. ---"His 13 years - including the year of the close call in the Super Bowl...
  7. Brave

    Miss Alcorn's Golden Ticket Them new standard for HBCUs?

    I haven't seen anything like it before.
  8. SoloMan

    Alcorn makes magic on Billboard
  9. Brave

    Yale vs Alcorn in Basketball

    The Yale Bulldogs will visit the Braves of Alcorn State for the CBE Hall of Fame Classic. This marks the first ever trip to the SWAC for a head to head matchup between the conferences: Ivy league's Yale and the SWAC's Alcorn State. Go Braves!
  10. V

    What is the Greatest Moment in Alcorn State Men's Basketball History?

    Hi Braves Fans, I am writing a comprehensive book entitled, “Moments of Glory: The Greatest Moments in Every Division I Team's College Basketball History” – and I need your help! In a posted response on this thread, can you describe your choice for Alcorn State’s most glorious moment in their...