With the organizers moving the event from its original location in Charlotte, North Carolina, after a year hiatus, the newly named National Battle of the Bands remerged in the Lone Star state of Texas.

Eight of the most celebrated HBCU marching bands gathered Sunday for a musical exhibition at NRG Stadium in Houston.

The bands in attendance included Texas Southern, North Carolina Central, Prairie View A&M, Talladega College, Southern University, Miles College, Tennessee State, and Florida A&M.

Even though the event is an exhibition to raise money for the programs that participate, bragging rights are still in order.

Who won the National Battle of the Bands?

Take a look at each of performances in the videos below provided by Showtime Web and then participate in our poll.

North Carolina Central

Texas Southern

Miles College

Talladega College

Prairie View A&M

Florida A&M


Tennessee State

This poll will end Thursday (Sept. 5) at 11:59 p.m.

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  1. FAMU….

    And that’s on PERIOD!!!

  2. Southern point,!!!!!!!

  3. FAMU hands down

  4. Great bands, FAMU showed out

  5. My top 3 were
    Tennessee or Southern

  6. PVAMU BABY!!!!!

  7. TSU!!!!

  8. Marching 100 #simplythebest

  9. FAMU all day

  10. “The Marching 100” is the best band in the land, recognized the world over. Hubba Hubba!

    1. FAMU

  11. The Incomparable Florida A&M University Marching “100” Band!

  12. FAMU!!!

  13. THE Marching 100 !!!

  14. I went to PVAMU and FAMU and hands down PV band was far better during this competition…But Miles and Southern came close…PV is entertaining…FAMU is more conservative.

    1. Nah dude! They were not. What is your criteria. FAMU gave me goose bumps! The quality of the sound is amazing! But you’re entitled to your opinion.

  15. PVAMU hands down!!

  16. PV was the best hands down

  17. PVAMU ( Marching Storm )

  18. Hands down…The PVAMU Marching Storm! Awesome performance!

  19. FAMU without a doubt!! Now lets discuss each band. FAMU has a conservative and classic approach . You can see quality and precision in their band. Let’s be clear, many bands have taken their steps and lessons from FAMU and this is not a problem. Just give accolades to the origin. Now. PVAM did a great job !! I give them a B+ along side of FAMU A+. If you were looking to be entertained , PVAM brought the band. If you wanted to see quality, precision , and true class, FAMU hands down.

  20. FAMU the most imitated but never duplicated band band in the word!

  21. FAMU!!!! Marching 100!

  22. FAMU all day 🐍❤️

  23. All the Bands were good, but the stand outs are Southern, FAMU, and PV. Southern band precision are top. Their sound is amazing .

  24. FAMU. Keep it 100.

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