Band Final

And then there were two.

The Prairie View A&M Marching Storm and the Southern University Human Jukebox have advanced to the final voting round of our band of the year poll.  The Marching Storm, which entered the final four round as the top vote-getter from the first round, advanced to the final round by topping Alcorn State in votes (32,673 – 24,953).

The Human Jukebox, ranked No. 1 in our preseason and midseason polls, advanced to the final round after besting Grambling in the final four round in votes (41,19632,214).

Final round voting: Jan 18-20
Final round voting is simple. The band with the most votes when polling has ended will be named HBCU Sports Band of the Year.

Voting for this round will end Wednesday, Jan. 20 at 11:59 p.m. (CT).

Disclaimer: This poll is not scientific. You are encouraged to come back and vote often. However, please note that the poll will view rapid-fire voting coming from a single IP address as an attack and will trigger a timeout. In this case, your vote will not be counted.  Poll results reflect only the views of the readers who choose to participate and not the public as a whole.

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  1. Pvamu

  2. Jags #1 all the way

    1. And you know this!

  3. PvU

  4. PVU Pantherland!!!!!

  5. You can’t stop the reign of the….”Marching Storm” PVU all day!!!

  6. The Human Juke Box #SU #Jagland???

    1. All the way!

  7. SU JAGS!

  8. Juke baby

  9. PV could never stand next to Jukebox….

    1. This poll tells otherwise!!! “It Never Rains On The Storm” #MarchingStorm

    2. Apparently we can check the polls lmao ??

    3. But we did though ?

  10. Human jukebox # 1

  11. Sssssssssssssss U!

  12. SU You Know

  13. Human Jukebox Forever

  14. Prairie View, Baby!

  15. PVU

  16. Can’t believe you are count this and people can vote as many times as you want. This is not reliable.

  17. The Storm Babyyyyy


  19. Southern University No Doubt

  20. Southern all day!!!!!!

  21. this just means what ever school votes the most wins…but line them up and yall know deep down inside who the better band is #JUKEBOX!!!

    1. They battled last fall, and most people agreed that although it was a close battle, that PV took the win for the halftime and 5th quarter.

      1. Haven’t they already been line up. Thats the purpose of this poll – duh!

    2. It’s a pride thing man ??

    3. We did do that honey and Pv you took it but any who ….

  22. I see a lot of mad su fans.
    I mean this not y’all year
    Gooooo PV MS
    #bro at pv

  23. If you think about it pv deserve it ?

  24. P V A M U ! ! !
    Lets go Panthers!!!

  25. Can someone tell the current jukebox members to stop living off of legacy

  26. Southern no doubt! always has been, the human jukebox Alumni 1982!!

  27. Looks like to me PV Marching Storm reign victorious again. PVU baby all day long.

    1. Already ??????⚡?????


  29. PV U know!

  30. PV- u – knowwwww!!!

  31. Southern University

  32. SU, I thought you knew!!

  33. Southern University Human Jukebox

  34. PVAMU??
    #STORM ⚡?☔

  35. PVAMU

  36. […] Final Round, Prairie View vs. Southern: Which Band Should Be Band Of The Year? – [Poll] […]

  37. There has not been a band that has had a better haft time show thien SU. There had have some additional lot of Band that have in improved ,I will give credit where it’s due.

  38. Tried to vote for SU as did others, poll wasn’t working on the first day! 😕

  39. PVU WHO ELSE…..

  40. Man this ain’t even fair, if it were not for the playing PV could not compete with the average middle school in marching

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