It probably goes without saying that the past week and a half have been one of the most interesting to take place in SWAC history.  Unfortunately, the events that have transpired over the past week and a half have very little to do with with wins or losses – at least in the traditional sense.  With that said, you be the judge;

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  1. I would say neither. These transgressions are nothing new in the world of college sports.

    But if I had to pick one it would be LaFluer just from the standpoint you don’t hear everyday the athletic director at a well-know university gets pinched on prostitution charges.

  2. I think both are wrong but the thing that got was the fact that Cole lied to his superiors and misled the conference which could have altered the SWAC Championship, basically a big deceiver to all, whereas Lefleur was trying to manipulate the system he just tried to, even though he was the AD and knew better, I guess trying to have a little fun with the women I think that really has no other affect on him than what COle did!

  3. I think both were equally disgraceful and in retrospect should never have been hired for those jobs.
    Johnnie Cole and his brother, L.C., have an ugly track record of bending and breaking NCAA rules (Alabama State, Tennessee State, Texas Southern, Lane, Stillman) and their history alone should make the NCAA slap the same restrictions on them they did on Morgan State’s basketball coach because his issues at Cal, or Bob Hopkins, a Grambling cage legend, who got in NCAA hot water and was banned for a time.
    Greg LaFleur was fired previously for allowing Texas State’s athletic program to fall out of compliance, resulting in three years of NCAA probation. Plus, his domestic battery issues with his first wife resulted in jail time, leading to his ouster from the staff at LSU. Then he raised no money at Southern and moved their biggest home game (Jackson State) to Jackson to generate money, then fired Pete Richardson (4 national titles in 17 years), while extending the contract of perhaps the worst basketball coach in school history, Rob Spivery, who had back-to-back 20-loss seasons, missing the SWAC Tourney the last two years.


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