Snoop performs with 2pac Hologram at Coachella

Discussion in 'The Media Room' started by jsupop33, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

  2. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    Man that was a cold hologram.

  3. JagHammer

    JagHammer Senior Troll


    Yes, it was.
  4. ToPdOg

    ToPdOg Active Member

    Man that was nice!!
  5. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    So what comes next? Hmm, I can see BET having 2pac and Biggie's holograms performing at their awards show.
  6. buckwheat

    buckwheat Active Member

    That was nice!
  7. Tony

    Tony __________

    make a clone from dna
  8. GoodFella

    GoodFella "The Real McCoy"

    Just caught a chill :tup:
  9. CEE DOG

    CEE DOG Active Member

    I always wonder where the rap game would be at now if Pac and Biggie was still alive.
  10. THAMES

    THAMES New Member

  11. In_The_662

    In_The_662 Deeeeep In The Delta.....

    Lil Wayne and/or Nicki Minaj will try to one up this because musically there's nothing they can do and they're still living :lol:
  12. The Founder

    The Founder I Love My Lady!!!!

    Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn........I just a lot of folks don't try and piggy back this like they did T-Pain....
  13. PsychoJag

    PsychoJag We Run The SWAC

    That was cold! It would be nice to have one like that of Bob Marley.
  14. pbla

    pbla New Member

    They were talking about this even on rock station and country western station in Little Rock. Technology is getting advance in the hologram catergory. This was cold.
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  15. pvdogteam

    pvdogteam Who ya rootin' for? PVU

    All I know is I'm glad I wasn't one of the people in the audience smoking weed and then dude just shows up like that, I know those people were freaked out. That was some straight up Star Trek holodeck stuff right there wow!
  16. DAHILL

    DAHILL Active Member

    NOTHING would be different.... Tupac would be on movies now... Biggie would be producing now.... People always say this when soembody dies when they are hot. People would have been saying the same thing about MC Hammer if he would have died after U Cant Touch this dropped. Neither Tupac or Biggie were more popular than Hammer in his prime right??
  17. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    If 2pac was alive, you wouldn't even have an acting career-Canibus
  18. CEE DOG

    CEE DOG Active Member

    I agree. I think Pac would have dropped one more album and then been like Ice Cube and did movies. Biggie would have been producing too. I still think the south would have taken over also because unlike those northern cats, these southern cats were about getting money and living, not dying.
  19. JagHammer

    JagHammer Senior Troll

  20. pbla

    pbla New Member

    This was taken from the audience.

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