Rose sick of taking hard fouls

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by jsupop33, Apr 15, 2012.

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    This was an issue in the playoffs last year against the Pacers. Scottie Pippen was on the call during one of the games and demanded the Bulls relate against the strong arm tactics of Jeff Foster, Josh McRoberts and Psycho T. The Bulls did. They won the series 4-1. LOL.

    If there was one guy on the roster who would relate or stick up for Rose it would probably be Noah. He's gotten into with LeBron and Kevin Garnett over the years.
  4. Kendrick

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    That's not smart, considering in the playoffs the rotations are shorter and every possession matters even more..
  5. jsupop33

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  7. CEE DOG

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    Light skin dudes are so soft.
  8. Blacknbengal

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    That team needs to be set up around Luol Deng.
  9. tweed24

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    After the way Charilie V hit him in the nose last night. I would be upset to. Rose was pissed off. him and Charilie V exhange some heated words
  10. tweed24

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    Noah is a stand up guy. He def would go to war for any of his teammates.
  11. Dr. Phreeze

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    Take your ass down the lane and see what happens. You would be pissed too :lol:
  12. tweed24

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    Heck No, Deng had many opportunities for team to be setup around him before Rose got there.
  13. tweed24

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    LMAO!!!!!!!! Greg Oden is dark skin.
  14. jsupop33

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    Beans tried to tell Kendrick that Rose wasn't bout that life.
  15. Blacknbengal

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    Sure did, but Kenneth thought cause Rose grew up in the roughest projects in America that that would have some sort of ripple effect on him driving the lane. Well, I guess Rose is tired of the yuppie kids beating up on him every time he goes for a layup.
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    Those tattoos dont make you hard.
  17. lpennington

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    Wow ... makes you appreciate how tough Allen Iverson really was.
  18. JR

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    Oden wasn't soft. Just injury prone. LOL. Nobody needed to touch him and he would be hurt.
  19. JROCK

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    Isn't Oden a Ohio State grad...........Never-mind. :lol: :emlaugh:
  20. In_The_662

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    And there it is.

    *passes D. Rose and Blake Griffin a cup of Man up*

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