Lincoln Football to Play Grambling State in 2013

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by usa today, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. usa today

    usa today Sgt Backfire

    JEFFERSON CITY -- The Lincoln football team will play Grambling State, one of the most successful historically black Division I universities, at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri on September 14, 2013. Betty Kemna, Lincoln's Director of Athletics, made the announcement on Wednesday.

    The game, which will be called the Kansas City Classic, was made possible when Truman State announced it was leaving the MIAA. The current football scheduling structure of the MIAA requires all conference teams to play an entirely league schedule. When Truman State, one of LU's scheduled opponents for the 2013 season, announced it was leaving the league, the MIAA made the decision to let teams fill the open date with an opponent of their choosing, allowing the Blue Tigers to schedule a contest against another HBCU.

    "The opportunity to add an HBCU institution to the schedule was appealing, and then having the opponent be Grambling State was an even greater draw for us to participate," Kemna said. "I am looking forward to working with the (Lincoln) Alumni Association and the Greater Kansas City Alumni Chapter in having this Classic be a huge success."

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  2. usa today

    usa today Sgt Backfire

    Schedule is almost complete for 2013. Our OOC teams so far Lincoln, ULM. Gonna be interesting to see who we play in the Port City Classic. Isn't 2013 a 12 game season?

  3. JayRob

    JayRob TigaPaw

    Dude, I understand your enthusiasm for your school, but starting a thread about Grambling playing Lincoln, a D-2 or D-3 school?! Carry on though.
  4. MikeBigg

    MikeBigg New Member

    The excitement is about the venue, not the opponent!
  5. Basebone1898

    Basebone1898 Active Member

    Here we go again with these Jackson State ticks showing there lack of reading comprehension skills. Damnnnnnn.
  6. usa today

    usa today Sgt Backfire

    +1. That dude is so quick to say something man. Like they never played a D2 school. REALLY.:read: BTW, Jayrob it's about to venturing in other areas for recruitment purposes, not just playing games in 2 to 3 states like most of you do. The Grambling football teams have played in almost every major stadium in the U.S., most can't say that. We aren't just stuck in close proximity areas to Grambling. Like i stated earlier also our 2013 schedule is almost complete because i think 2013 is a 12 game season so we just need to fill the opponent in the Port City Classic because we already have Lincoln and ULM in 2013.
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  7. Jag-BR

    Jag-BR Go Jags!!!!!!

    Nice venue.
  8. usa today

    usa today Sgt Backfire

    It is.
  9. MikeBigg

    MikeBigg New Member

    In private forums and other boards, I have often stated that It would be a good idea for Grambling to play in Arrowhead Stadium. We have a tie in with the Chiefs from former KC players from the old AFL days. The late Stone Johnson was an Olympic medalist and signed by the Chiefs from Grambling to play football. Suffered a neck injury and died before he could play (his jersey was retired by the Chiefs) and of course former GSU and NFL Greats Ernie "Big Cat" Ladd and Junious "Buck" Buchanan (HOFer) played for the Chiefs. This is a big deal, regardless of opponent. I would have preferred another SWAC school or a MEAC opponent, but we'll take this opportunity and smile about it!
  10. East Tex Tiger

    East Tex Tiger Active Member

    Kansas City Chiefs. Super Bowl team loaded with SWAC players. This is great.
  11. JROCK

    JROCK Preeminent

    Good Points!
  12. Dr. Phreeze

    Dr. Phreeze It is I...Yes it is...

    Don't forget Albert Lewis
  13. JayRob

    JayRob TigaPaw

    I hear ya MB, I hear ya.:tup:
  14. Basebone1898

    Basebone1898 Active Member

    I though we played Alcorn one more time in Shreveport. To be honest, I was one of the few alums against the deal with Alcorn in the Port City Classic. This classic was structured for Grambling State University to be the only FCS program in the NCAA to make division I status money from hosting local Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas FBS programs. If not able to agree to terms with an FBS school for the Port City Classic date, a non-conferance FCS program was to be scheduled!

    After ULM didn't want to agree to the Port City Classic deal for 2011, Grambling was going to go for Northwestern State. However, many Grambling officals thought that a deal with Alcorn would sell tickets because of the Spears vs. Doug thing. People called me a "kill joy" because I called it a horrible idea from the start. I felt that Grambling should not have agreed to play ULM in Monroe twice, and thought that Grambling should have played Northwestern State, who was ready to agree to a 50-50 ticket sells split with Grambling taking 100% of the sponsorship money, in 2011 in the classic game. There were talks of Grambling hosting Tulane, ULL or North Texas in the 2012 Port City Classic at that time also. I don't know how true this is, but I was told from one of my good insiders that ULL and Tulane were going to get a smaller percent of ticket sells than La Tech did in 2010. That would have been major for Grambling.

    With Spears being fired and the series not living up to the hype, I love to tell my good Gram bruhs, " I told you so". The Port City Classic really could have been major deal in college football. There is no other FCS program to host FBS programs in college football. Grambling hosted La Tech in 2010, and could have hosted many more games for the next few years if officals would have played the right cards. But now, were are stuck playing Alcorn, a game that could have been played at each school, and are left to watch Louisiana Tech use Grambling's idea of making nice money in Shreveport by hosting bigger programs. They are playing Texas A&M this season in Independence Stadium
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  15. usa today

    usa today Sgt Backfire

    Playing Alcorn was only a two year contract. I'm sure Alcorn wont renew it, that game should be home and home.
  16. MikeBigg

    MikeBigg New Member

    Preach!!! I voiced the same concerns and got put in the "They" category! Nothing against the Braves...those were some good matchups back in the day, but this PCC needs to be used as a "neutral" site venue to play non-conference matchups!
  17. number1

    number1 Active Member

    Please don't play Tulane, they wouldn't bring any type of fan support to the game. ULL would be a much better deal. lol
  18. usa today

    usa today Sgt Backfire

    I would be interested to playing SFA, SHSU, Central Arkansas or even Northwestern.
  19. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride YA"LL 'GON LEARN

    Ain't nobody about to let ya'll host them. Good luck with that. Also, you have a stadium so how are you hosting anyone in Shreveport? Maybe ya'll can get UAPB to come back. :lol:

    Also, LA Tech agreed to come there becase they are just as close to Shreveport as you are. Try getting another 1-A team to do that. If USM was in Jackson, they probably would have considered playing us in Memorial. So you playing them in Shreveport is no major coup.

    As for playing Lincoln. That's smalltime all around. I don't care if you were playing them on the moon. Who tryna see that? They are not even in the NCAA. This is like playing Concordia or Paul Quinn. Just sad.
  20. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride YA"LL 'GON LEARN

    None of those teams would travel across the state to play Grambling. If GSU plays Tulane, it's gonna be in New Orleans.
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