FREE WORKOUT CHANNELS on Time Warner icontrol

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by LoyalTigress, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. LoyalTigress

    LoyalTigress Lovejones

    Have any of yall tried them yet? I'm loving them. You can start/pause/stop the workouts any time you want.

    You go to on demand
    -icontrol free
    -Sports & fitness
    -Exercise tv
    -then choose from several menus including beginners fitness, drop those pounds, quick workouts, dance(they even have lap dancing routines :nod:), fab abs for fall, power workouts, and pilates.

    Each of the above categories have sub-menues for specific areas you want to target.

    Right now I've added QUICK WORKOUTS to my daily routine. Loving the 7 minute Great Abs routine.
  2. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    How much are they?


    97JSULEGEND Well-Known Member

  4. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    Really, I didn't know that.

    I'll look when I get home. :tup:

    Thanks Soror! :wavey:
  5. LoyalTigress

    LoyalTigress Lovejones

    :shame: Imma whip you talking bout how much are they when it's all up there in the title^^^^^^. Come back and tell me what you find when you get home. :wavey:
  6. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    I saw it later where you said free..:blush:

    I didn't find it on my TV. Maybe cause I didn't know exactly where to look....:read:
  7. LoyalTigress

    LoyalTigress Lovejones

    All them instructions back up there on what to do. ^^^^^^^^^
    Follow each step to get to the routines.
  8. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    See that up thur in red. That's where I get stuck....uhhhh..where is on demand on my TV...:D
  9. LoyalTigress

    LoyalTigress Lovejones

    Start with channel 001 and then proceed with the other directions.
  10. I got them on mine. :thumbsup:
  11. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    :tup: Now I've found them, cause I didn't know where to start.

    Thanks! :D
  12. LoyalTigress

    LoyalTigress Lovejones

    Ok, good. :flippy: Now work it out Soror!
  13. MsJag4Jag

    MsJag4Jag Moderator

    Thanks for the tip. I'll need to remember this for variety's sake.

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