Death photos of Yolanda King

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Seeing Spots, May 24, 2007.

  1. Seeing Spots

    Seeing Spots Joyful Woman!

    A friend of mines sent me these photos, so I cannot verify the authenticity...I think she looks beautiful. Rest in peace Yoki!

    <img src="" height=450 width=600>

    <img src="" height=450 width=600>

    <img src="" height=450 width=600>
  2. SLT

    SLT New Member

    I saw these earlier and wondered was this her? If it is, she looks as if she is asleep with a smile on her face...:)

  3. Seeing Spots

    Seeing Spots Joyful Woman!

    I don't know Sheila, it looks like her. Fiyah and Kenn, please resize them I ahd no idea they were that big.
  4. SLT

    SLT New Member

    The email I got with the photos attached said she is going to be cremated. I don't know no how true that is though.
  5. Red1

    Red1 JSU

    I saw these yesterday too. She looks darker and smaller than I've seen her...
  6. XHALE9802


    am i the only one who does not think this is her... looks nothing like her, but maybe that's just me. i also heard on the radio that she was to be cremated.
  7. Seeing Spots

    Seeing Spots Joyful Woman!

    The photos certainly look YOUNGER than the last time I saw pictures of her. BTW, cremation does not mean the body cannot be prepared. In some states you even have to buy a coffin and put the body in it. I have been to 2 funerals where the body was embalmed, in a coffin, and after the service they cremated the body.
  8. staggalee83

    staggalee83 War & Thunder

    That's not her.
    I got this same e-mail at work today.
  9. ABE

    ABE Running and Gunning

    No it doesn't look like her and the information on the file says the pic was taken on March 22.

  10. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    That can't be Yolanda King...looks nothing like her.
  11. Seeing Spots

    Seeing Spots Joyful Woman!

    Thanks for the info y'all. You see how pervasive the Internet is. :smh:
  12. MsJag4Jag

    MsJag4Jag Moderator

    don't look like her.... glad y'all figured it out.
  13. jag4life

    jag4life Active Member

    Yeah I got the email with these pics over a month ago.
  14. JSU/99

    JSU/99 Active Member

    Ok, so it's not her. But whoever that is, is she really dead?? If so, why is she laid up on a chaise lounge(I think that's a chaise)? Creepy
  15. XHALE9802


    :lol: i know right? :smh:
  16. ms.sonic96

    ms.sonic96 JSU ON YOUR MIND!

    I'm sorry to laugh, :lol: , but that person is on a Chaise and not in a coffin. :goof:
  17. staggalee83

    staggalee83 War & Thunder

    Cause there are funeral homes that specialize in setting up "bodies" like this.
    Guess she wanted it to look like she was just napping.

    A lifelong Pittsburg Steelers fan had himself set up in a room decorated with Steeler geer, a big screen TV with Steeler highlight's playing, in a recliner, with a cooler of beer next to the chair.

    You can have any setting you want.
  18. JSTUS


    To each their own....I guess.
  19. jag4life

    jag4life Active Member

    I heard that back in the day they would just lay folks out like this on a couch or whatever in the house of the family before putting them in a coffin. Not sure how true or common that way, though.
  20. ToPdOg

    ToPdOg Active Member

    EXIF info doesn't lie.

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